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Upcoming at (the) Handbag Factory

Friday March 29th. 
Grex, Conscious Summary, Eyear w/ guest dj Pete Majors (Harassor) 9pm. $5 donation.

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Friday March 30th. 10pm

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Sunday April 7th. 9pm
Amps for Christ, Koonda Hola, Actuary, Conscious Summary w/ special guest DJ

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Friday April 12th. 9pm
Cock E.S.P, Actuary, Bacteria Cult, Pigeon wing, Lords of Outland After 20 years of serious business Cock E.S.P comes to the (t)HF with a killer support group. Featuring Lords of Outland on tour from SF. w/ guest dj "Kitchen Summary"

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Saturday April 13th.  @ The Palms, Amboy, CA THE PALMS RESTAURANT (760) 361-2810. 83131 Amboy Road - 29 Palms, CA 92277
WONDER VALLEY NOISE FEST #5 Insane line up in the middle of nowhere...
WVE5 Line-up 4-13-13 Web
Cock E.S.P. 12:00
Setup 11:40
Lords of Outland 11:00
Setup 10:40
pulsating cyst 10:20
medicine cabine…