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DONT SCREW UP a Dj Screw retrospective.

(the) HANDBAG FACTORY PRESENTS:  DONT SCREW UP a Dj Screw retrospective feat: Lil Keke (Screwed Up Click, Houston TX) +performance and Q/A w/ Tim Hix Noon Court William Hutson Legg Lake +more tba_____ Celebrating the orignator of slowed down, cut-up outsider music, Dj Screw. A one night only tribute to the origins of Chop and Screw. Featuring special guest Lil' Keke from Houston Tx, one of the last living members of Dj Screw's group -Screwed Up Click. Enjoy live, bizaare performances of local artist's interpretation of the slow and wierd. Slowed and sliced visuals from General Qurby Limited Capacity. Pre-sale Tickets Suggested http:// dontscrewup/ FB Event