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Friday 11.16.12. Bastard Noise  "A Skull Birthday"  Celebrating Aimee Artz's Earth arrival with mammoth sound. Featuring:  Bastard Noise (Wood/Artz) Actuary Conscious Summary +Dog+ Tom Hall 8pm. $5 donation. Enter on 1336 Grand Ave.                                                                                  ****** Updates/News Doesn't look like much, but here is the start to the new venue/recording studio/community space.  We have out grown our lovely building here in downtown and are expanding very close by. As some of you know the original intent for (the) Handbag Factory was to house  Seahorse Sound Studios  and do small community events. The response has been just short of overwhelming. To give the studio and art space proper due, we are exanding. Between the two spaces we will be able to accomodate more musicians and events. Send us your thoughts and energy here. For updates and more info: www.seahorsesoundst