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Saturday July 23rd. 1st floor. brutal grind/jazz/noise from LA and Oakland

This weekend we will have our first show on the 1st floor of the Handbag Factory. This is going to be a really intense show w/ many of acts crossing over into realms of extreme grind-core, free jazz and blistering noise. Celebrate grind/jazz virtuoso's CRYPTIC GALLBLADDER SPLATTER's long awaited record release show . NUCLEAR DEATH WISH is coming down from Oakland for this one night only, we are super excited for them to play and also worried they might burn the place down. featuring Dj Cactus from KUSF. not to miss! BEDLAM OF CACOPHONY is ridiculous, and fast. A week later expect to have your mind blown once you finally process what you just heard. far out. ACTUARY needs no introduction. these noise giants will simply crush you. ACTUARY is fucking massive. DYSTROPHIC plays ultra violent tech grind and mind melting noise at light speed. - deep space death grind featuring members of Conscious Summary and Sinister Sadist. More acts TBA (the) HANDBAG FACTORY 1336 S.