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Saturday 1.5.13 8:30pm INSTINCT CONTROL  EN NIHIL PULSATING CYST SEAS OF ARALI SISSISTERS TEH MEMEZ For updates and more info: Twitter/Instagram: @seahorsesound @handbagfactory Check out : New Mailing List:  Conscious Summary Sign up here for updates: New DVD: "A Private Realm" by Tim Hicks "Lucid and hypnotizing, it  will speak to your unconscious mind, presenting cultural information and spiritual observations" New vinyl: Crooked Cowboy "Annalog and Her Hopeful Diaries" "Crooked Cowboy & The Freshwater Indians have entranced all they come in contact with for close to a decade, tramping and pacing their way across vast musical genres, with their latest release compounding these forms in discrete menace."