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LOST FRIEND: Sound/Vision with Colin Manning, Juan josé Rivas, Heather Gray

Saturday January 19 2019 Colin Manning, collage art and projections Music acts: Juan josé Rivas (Mexico City) Electronics and hacked turntables. Visual/sound artist specializing in electronic media, Juanjosé Rivas* employs myriad techniques to give voice to the translation, error, obstruction, and interference inside artistic languages. Attempts to define the impossible, reveal the hidden, articulate the unspeakable, and evidence the truth as an instituted lie are some of the conceptual approaches used in his work. Juan josé Rivas made a sound residence in Centre for Contemporary Creation Matadero in Madrid, Spain (2013); he was Fellow Program Development Cultural Projects and Joint Ventures 2013; beneficiary of the Board of Contemporary Art PAC 2012; and has twice received the grant from the Young Artists Program specializing in Multimedia, FONCA-CONACULTA 2005 and 2011. He was a member of the Council of Planning and Evaluation for the Festival of Electroni