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Shows this weekend! 11.16.13 w/ Damian Romero, Tecumseh, Telecaves ||| 11.17.13 w/ Big Business, Vaz, Submissions.

11.16.13 9pm - $5 -  (the) Handbag Factory 1336 S. Grand Ave DAMION ROMERO Low frequency tones, patterns, pulses and drones, self built electronics, amplified physical vibrations. TECUMSEH Sprawling, low-end riffs shrouded in warm distortion, drifting feedback and subtle electronics. Ambient sludge, dream-doom. http:// TELECAVES The precipice of extreme darkness and extreme lightness, unexpectedly terrifying audio collage generated by devices bearing rhinestones and Lisa Frank stickers. telecaves OOLIES When proficiency becomes boring, truly brilliant experimentation takes form. (I honestly don't know what these guys are going to do but they're almost obnoxiously talented so I'm sure it will be great.) watch?v=XAIUcMJdSlY **** 16mm film visuals by JESSICA STORM and VHS visuals by a SUPER SECRET GUEST (Probably.) **** Cake by EVA AGUILA (WOO-HOO!) EVENT PAGE ****